Dear SumoRobot Maker,

Thank you for purchising the SumoRobot kit. We are sure that you will have a lot of fun! We sincerely hope that this experience will be a stepping stone towards further learning, making and tinkering. We would love to share your experience with other fellow makers. It would be awesome if you could send us a video, a photo or drop us a line about your assembly experience.

You are about to assemble your very own SumoRobot. In front of you is the SumoRobot kit, consisted of ca 30 carefully selected parts and a custom design PCB. Make sure you have all the equipment needed and that you have taken all the precautions. If this is your first encounter with assembly and soldering, we strongly reccomend that you ask for help or do it under supervision of an experienced maker.

The tools that are essential for the assembly process are: a working surface, a set for soldering (soldering iron, solder wire and solder tip cleaner), pliers and a wire cutter/or scissors. Further safety measures would include the use of the following tools: lead-free solder, mask or a smoke absorber, soldering clamps or tweezers, cut and heat resistant gloves, safety goggles and (isopropyl) alcohol to clean the board from flux / lead resedue.

Below are different assembly guides for different version of SumoBoard, locate the version on the bottom side of the SumoBoard written with white silk screen. Now you are all set to move along and follow our step-by-step assembly guide. Happy soldering, you’ll do great!

Assembly instructions v0.2.X


Assembly instructions v0.3.X


Assembly instructions v0.4.X



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