About Us


Robokoding is a startup founded in 2016 in Estonia by Silver Kuusik. Now we are a compact international team, with a growing network of collaborations and partnerships. We incorporate the concept of social entrepreneurship and each project we develop is aimed towards community development, environmental awareness and empowering young people towards a mindset of openness and mutual collaboration.


We envision a reality where every child has knowledge of different technologies to prototype their own ideas and build their own inventions.


We develop open source hardware and software for learning in a fun, interactive and collaborative way. We create courses that re-program the educational paradigms and bring out the utility of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


We foster growth mindset and proactive learning attitude. Open-source is the core of our beliefs. We promote digital literacy, enrepreneurship, problem solving and team work. Through joint development we offer up to date solutions that re-invent learning and teaching.


We incorporate the values of openness, sustainability, equal opportunities and equal access to knowledge and learning. We are fully aware of our social responsibility and we actively collaborate in programmes and projects towards environmental protection and the growth of the community.


In his childhood, Silver became fascinated with robots. He grew up taking things apart, learning how they work and learning how to repair them. From then on, he started building many DIY projects. During high school, he discovered his passion for coding. Starting his bachelor's, Silver joined the Robotics Club of the Estonian IT College, and finally got the opportunity to build his own robots. He learned about open-source and became a passionate maker. He started upgrading the SumoRobot platform of the Robotics Club and teaching children around Estonia programming and robotics. That was the stepping stone towards founding RoboKoding. Silver's primary motivation was making robotics and coding easily accessible and available to as many children as possible. He started traveling around Europe, discovering new tools and looking for potential like-minded teammates. Today RoboKoding is a dynamic startup with a team determined to develop innovative technologies and learning tools in order to enable children to acquire the skills of the future.


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