Download SumoManager

Choose your operating system

Download Driver

Additionally on Windows and MAC OS you will need a driver software so your computer
can successfully communicate with the SumoRobot.

Add permissions

Additionally on Linux you need to add user permissions to communicate with the robot. Use the following line in the terminal, just type it in, press enter, enter the root password and press enter again. Then log out and in again or try a reboot.

sudo adduser $(whoami) dialout

Connecting the SumoRobot

Once you have your SumoRobot assembled you will need to upload it’s software
(SumoFirmware) on it. This can be done with the SumoManager, you can download it above.
Once you launch the SumoManager you will see that it asks you to connect your SumoRobot
with your computer using a micro USB cable. Once your SumoRobot is connected the
SumoManager will try to load the WiFi networks the SumoRobot sees around him. This will
fail as there is no SumoFirmware on the SumoRobot yet.

Updating SumoFirmware

SumoFirmware is the code that runs on the SumoRobots. Once the SumoRobot is connected you
can upload the newest SumoFirmware on the SumoRobot. From the application menu choose
File > Update SumoFirmware. Then wait until the SumoFirmware downloads and gets
uploaded to the SumoRobot. Once the SumoFirmware is uploaded successfully the SumoManager
tries to reload the WiFi networks.

Adding a WiFi network

Finally you can add your Wifi network to your SumoRobot, so it can remember it and
automatically connect to it once you turn the SumoRobot on. Select the network
name from the list and enter the network password in the field below. Finally click
on the Add WiFi network button. You can also add more networks, so you can use it
in several locations.

Debugging problems

In case you are facing some problems with the SumoRobot you can contact In case you are interested to debug problems yourself you can head over to GitHub to find all the design files and software.


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