SumoRobot Course

Through an applied approach, the children acquire skills in disciplines such as robotics, programming, electronics and mechanics. They will learn how to build circuits, solder and assemble a SumoRobot and program it.
The course is based on non-formal methodologies of learning and teaching like hands-on experience, trial and error and peer learning. The main aim of the course is to provide a learning environment where children acquire the skills and the mindset to build their own inventions.

The course is composed of 9 workshops with the following topics:
  • Electronics and circuits;
  • Mechanics, soldering and assembly;
  • Programming and programming logic (Phyton).

This is an introductory course where no previous experience is needed and all of the course materials are provided by us. Each participant gets the SumoRobot they built to take it home and use it for further learning and development.

Price: €2300-2575
Participants: 5-10
Reccommended age: 7+
Time frame: 9 sessions of 90 minutes.

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